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Spacetime by Patrick Sheridan

​Book One - The Time Quest Chronicles

​Someone from the future would like to see Richard Walton dead.  His job is to find out why and when. 

​Follow along as Walton and his growing collection of loyal friends adventure across time and place to learn what sinister forces are trying to disrupt the nature of existence itself.

​Classic Science ​Fiction

"Wow! What a great story. I was hooked from page one. Some books take a little time to get into. Not this one."

What Others Say


What made Spacetime so captivating for me was the truly believable way in which it is written, weaving the extraordinary into the ordinary..the ending has me eagerly waiting for book 2.

​Mrs V Rossi



I just loved this story and found the descriptions of each place and situation ..​ It felt such a treat to be taken out of this time zone really appealed to the adventurous in me.



​Absolutely loved this book. Beautifully written...with some very appealing characters (always a help). Very readable, thoroughly enjoyable and also thought provoking.

​Ms R Greaves

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